Sunday, June 17, 2012


Meaning in Psalm 123

Alfred D. Byrd

MERCY is what we ask from our God
Because of troubles swarming like flies.
The Light has told us, "Do right by all
And honor the King Who sits on high,
On a throne above the world's deceits,"
But evil is here, and things go wrong.
We wish that we stood before the Throne,
Where we'd see no shame and feel no pain,
But here, in a world that mocks what's right,
We face injustice from those on top.
We see a world awash in error.
Many are doomed to toil for little;
Others are carefree, showing contempt
For those who give them pleasure and praise.
It's hard to detect the hand of God
When we see the proud and vain at ease.

WE NEED to claim a sense of mission.
Servants of God is what we should be.
Like soldiers summoned to stand in line
To hear their sergeant giving orders,
Children of God should study the Word
And beg their Maker for light to see
The good that we have a chance to do.
In serving our God, we reign as kings.
The way of the world will end in death,
But God gives life beyond destruction.
Mercy is part of the heart of God.

An Epic of the Exile Who Rose to Rule an Empire to Save God's Children

The Stars Bow Down

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